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  • Automotive

    UNICO’s customized supply chains improve visibility, shorten delivery times by subdivide (JIT→JIM) and cut costs by forecast each manufacture time, control each part of stocks for top efficiency supply chain management(SCM) for leading original equipment manufacturers, their suppliers and after-market suppliers.

  • Hi-Tech

    The hi-tech industry as a high value added product, fast and reliable transport services are necessary from vendors through the world with distribution channels. Our hi-tech services experts, provide a customized transport solution to meet your specific needs with VMI(Vendor Managed Inventory) & SCM(Supply Chain Management).

  • Electronic goods

    Our global network can show you the most demanding supply chain requirements. The speed you need, we provide....

  • Chemicals

    We provide safety, environmentally sensitive services that ensure safe transport and storage services. Also reduce additional costs for sensitive cargos by shorten transit time, optimal route, tightening security controls.

  • Construction

    Our project cargo dedicated team provides customized, scalable solution for not only heavy/ ODC cargo transport, but also provide Korea and Global major EPC companies Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, power plant logistics services with convenience, flexibility and value added delivery for fast and safe secured equipments.